Going Somewhere

I’ve noticed that everyone’s booking flights left and right with Hong Kong as a common destination. Well, I haven’t booked any flights at all. Yes, I’m being left behind but all is well. I probably won’t be traveling anytime soon because 2016 is definitely not my year… again! Haha Hopefully soon, though.  That said, you might be wondering where I was heading with this look carrying a leather duffel bag. 

I was just off to a series of shoots for the blog and realized that the bag was an awesome accessory to complete the look! Haha And so I used it aside from just using it to contain all the clothes for the shoot. Not going somewhere out of town but you guys can pull this look if you really are going beyond the shores of your hometown! =)

Photos by: Jean C. Yu
Pull Over: Dare to Dream
I got this pullover from Dare to Dream and as usual, it’s awesome! Haha I like how it has a soft lining underneath which actually came as a surprise. It’s very comfortable and warm. Anyway, like I’ve always said. You can revolve you look with one piece. In this look, the focus is the pullover so I paired it with pieces with colors reminiscent to it. I just decided to wear plains since the pullover already has texture. It’s also very convenient because I can just easily slip into these pieces after the shoot. You don’t have to sacrifice style to accommodate convenience. It’s not hard to have both either. =)