Day One

What do you do when you’re girlfriend is off to her first day of work? You drive her there, wish her well, and dress up for it! Haha Okay, you don’t have to dress up for it but it won’t hurt if you do. Day one was nerve racking for my girlfriend, Sophia Sanchez. I know how ridiculously and unrightfully draining her previous job was. So I totally get why she was so nervous getting into another job and the least I could do is to be there for her. 

While she was overthinking a lot of scenarios that might happen to her, I was excited for her! It’s an awesome opportunity for her to explore design skills. I know this time she’ll be respected as an architect and this time her voice will matter. I couldn’t be any prouder!

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Pull Over: Dare to Dream
Walk Shorts: Regatta
Shoes: B2
Fedora: H&M

Aside from her amazing new job, I get to have more Jesse time! Haha For those who are wondering how her first day went, she had fun! The total opposite of what she thought. Anyway, this is what I wore. It’s a simple combination of black and grey. I paired the pullover with plain black pieces so as not to compete with the pattern. I wanted to highlight that. The walk shorts, on the other hand, made the look have a bit of that laid back feel. The fedora is just a cherry on top to complete the look! =)