Last Saturday, I finally conquered the most iconic bridge in Cebu. . . Marcelo Fernan Bridge! I’ve always wanted to take a walk there and enjoy the view. I’ve been passing through the bridge multiple times. When I was a kid, and the bridge has just opened, I was in awe by how amazing it looked. Yeah, there are a lot like it but it was my first encounter with an actual cable-stayed bridge.

Sophia and I meticulously planned on when and how we’re going there. Haha The traffic most of the time is crazy there. We had to plan where to park the car. We also had to check what time will there be perfect lighting. What time are there less cars and people. What time is less hot and humid because I can’t stand that. Ofcourse, we had to plan what to wear! Haha

Our plan went out perfectly. It went without a single glitch. Well, there were many people jogging through the bridge which I never expected. It was all good because it kind of made me feel safe and reassuring that its legal to take a walk there. Haha There are sidewalks anyway so… duh! Ofcourse, it’s legal! Haha

I even thought we’d be bullied or teased by people there because we were posing with our ootd’s but they actually did not care. I mean, they did but in a good way. Most of the joggers would stop because they were considerate enough not to photobomb. That’s why we always let them pass by first before any shots were taken. I like it there. People were nice! The air was strangely fresh and the view was stunning!

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Bucket Hat: New Era
Shirt: 21Men
Shorts: 21Men
Trainers: New Balance
I opted to wear something sporty because I knew we’ll be walking a lot and I would be sweating a lot. Haha In the end, I did not even break a sweat because it was breezy that Saturday morning. Anyway, my whole look revolved around the bucket hat. I know some people find it difficult to wear bucket hats but it’s actually not that hard. Just think as if you’re wearing your snapback. Trust me, it will be easier styling your outfit after you’ve thought of it that way. Sometimes it does take getting used to but it definitely works like a charm. The easiest route for me to create a look based on the hat is to go for black but I didn’t go that way. I went for the details of the hat. This Kaua Wela bucket hat from New Era had rose quartz and hints of gray on it. So, I took those colors to my shirt, shorts, and shoes! Voila! My whole look is complete. Now imagine this look with a snapback! It still works, doesn’t it?
Guys, take note of that tip! Dress up with a bucket hat thinking like you’re wearing a snapback. Haha You guys can buy this Kaua Wela bucket hat at New Era in SM Seaside City upper ground floor. It also comes in white! Shout out to New Era, Grupo Agatep, and Gian for my hat!