Behind Bars

I’m not in jail! Nor have I been in one. Haha I just titled this on “behind bars” because of the railings. A few weeks ago, my friends and I went to jail. Just kidding! We went to this new restaurant in Mactan where the view was amazing. However, the roof deck was still closed so I ended up having my photos taken here instead.

I think this emergency staircase complemented the look anyway. I was up on the second floor while Sophia was on the ground taking photos of me. That’s got to be a first for me. I think I’ve taken photos of her that put me in unusual, sometimes dangerous, situations. Haha This was her idea anyway, I just liked how the whole staircase looked.
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Jeans: Oxygen
Shirt: Giordano
Sunglasses: H&M

I seriously had no idea what to wear that day so I just pulled out the classic white shirt and jeans ensemble. I put on my pumped up white sneaks and thought I was good to go. Do you guys also get that feeling when you are just about to go out and checked yourself  in the mirror and thought, “something’s missing.” Well, this is one of those moments. Haha So I put on this denim biker jacket from Dare to Dream and voila! The look was complete. You might think that denim jackets are uncomfortable because they are rough, this one is not. It’s not made of actual denim. I don’t know what material it is made of but it’s pretty comfortable. This brand always surprises me with their choice of material.

I guess I just gave the shirt and jeans look a huge twist! Haha  Hope you guys like it! =)