A Kilo of Kindness

The United Nations International Day of Charity is just right around the corner. September 5, to be exact. In line with this event, Movenpick Hotel Mactan Cebu is inviting everyone to make a charity donation to support education.

“A Kilo of Kindness” is a campaign by Movenpick Hotels and Resorts that involves 16 hotels in the Middle East and Asia. Guests and even residents of the vicinity can donate at least a kilogram of learning supplies. Those who donate will, ofcourse, a token of appreciation from Movenpick. You get to receive a scoop of the most delicious ice cream in town which is exclusively available at Movenpick. By the way, make sure the learning supplies you donate consists of books or school supplies.

Last year, Movenpick was able to collect a total of 1,285 kilograms of charitable supplies. The upscale hospitality company hopes to top that figure this year!  The items donated will be distributed by selected charity organizations or schools in their respective communities. Movenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu is supporting the Cordova Alternative Resource for Education (CARE) Center. You can help out by handing over your donations to a hotel staff at The Forum, from the 21st of August until the 1st of September 2016.

We are lucky enough to have access to the internet, to have been to school with excess supplies, to have been bought brand new supplies every single school year, and to have had little to no problem at having proper education. A kilogram of learning supplies may not sound much to us but it means a world of difference to the children who will benefit from this. So, lets donate learning supplies, a kilo at a time. Hey, you can even make it more than 1 kilo at a time. =)