Today marks the 118th independence anniversary of our country, The Philippines. This definitely calls for a celebration! However, we didn’t party and all. Haha. Maybe some did but we celebrated it spontaneously! I guess it commemorates the day just right. We absolutely felt the freedom today. =)

My girlfriend and I started out our day attempting to attend a flag ceremony hence the Barong Tagalog. Yes! Attempted! We went to the venue but we weren’t sure which area and then the rain started to pour so… yeah! Haha We decided to catch up with our friends at an event nearby which was pretty cool because we were reminded on why it’s awesome to be a Filipino. Okay it wasn’t nearby, it was roughly 5 to 6 kilometers away. Haha
Around noon, we (Sophia, Marco, and I) went to SM Seaside City to have lunch and have our shoot there. Hey! I can’t just take my Barong Tagalog for granted! Haha After that, we decided to change venue and took our ootd’s at three different locations! 
We had so much fun but it wasn’t over. While driving to nowhere, Sophia mentioned about how we sometimes eat sweet corn in Balamban. It was so random and we just went for it! Haha We drove all the way to the mountains to buy sweet corn and eat while enjoying an amazing view. It’s always fun when you are with good company!

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Pants: Oxygen
Sneakers: Converse
I wore my Barong Tagalog with a twist. I think its obvious with the sneakers? Haha. Another thing different about it is that I paired it with a blue pants. Barong Tagalog is usually worn with black pants and shoes but you can always explore your creativity and make it your own. I tried to keep it subtle with this one. The sneakers does scream unusual but it ties down the whole look as it is of similar color to the Barong Tagalog. The blue round sunglasses, I just felt like I wanted to wear them. It’s blue like my pants anyway! Haha
I surely had fun today! How about you guys? How did you celebrate independence day? =)