Gloom Tour

These past few days have been gloomy. It kinda reminds me of the time my girlfriend and I went to Baguio on her birthday week. It was one hell of a week. Well, it was just a few days but it was fun filled! No time was wasted… okay, there was this one time when we slept too long and skipped some tourist spots. Haha We can always go back anyway. 

These photos were obviously taken there. This was during our first day in Baguio. We went to every cliche tourist spot n Baguio. Haha We are, afterall, tourists there! It was tiring and I actually thought it was really cold but I ended up sweating like a pig! All is well, though, because we had so much fun. By the way, I only wore the jacket for the photos. I just carried it around because I’d faint if I wore all day. Haha

I really like this jacket even if I didn’t get to wear it as often as I could. It felt like a flashback from the 90’s but still blends well in this decade. I really like it. I will definitely wear it when it’s freezing cold.. because cold will not be enough to make me shiver! Haha
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Jacket: Polo by Ralph Lauren
Button Down: TopMan
Pants: Topman
Shoes: Aldo
This look started with the jacket! I had all my looks planned for the whole trip. I saw this jacket and knew that I had to use it. So, I went to my wardrobe and see what fits. I was a bit hesitant in pairing it with the tartan button down because of the similar tartan lining of the jacket. It turns out they are of different tones and, somewhat, complemented each other. Okay, I had to try it on before I decided to pair them up. All the other pieces such as the pants and shoes came in with neutral colors. If they weren’t. this look would’ve been a mess! Like mushed grass, leaves, and soil kind of mess. Haha I like this look but I think next time I find myself in Baguio, I’d stick with my shirt and shorts combo. It’s still not cold enough, there, to be all cooped up in clothing.