We went to Kalanggaman Island earlier this summer which was around 2 months ago and it was amazing! I know the term paradise has been overused to define beaches but this island totally deserve that definition. It’s like a combination of odds. It’s white sand on one side and rocky (tectonic plate like) on the other. It’s calm on one side of the sandbar and it’s quite rough on the other side. From clear waters to the majestic sunset to the bright stars at night, the island was just charming.

I was just searching for remote islands over the internet because I hate overly crowded beaches. Good thing I stumbled upon a few blog posts about the island. They were all great reviews! So I started to plan out on how to get there and surprisingly I was able to find Galore Tours. They were offering a direct boat ride from Mactan Island to Kalanggaman Island and back. It was near us and it was conevnient at a very affordable price.

As usual, my girlfriend and I started to prepare clothes for a couple of photoshoots for the island. I on the other hand started preparing for everything else! Yes! That’s how it usually goes… I do the dirty work. Haha It’s fun anyway! 

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Shirt: Muji
Walk Shorts: Polo
Wrist Watch: Casio
Sunglasses: 21Men
This look was what I wore when we went back to Cebu but the photo was definitely taken on the island. I have worn this shirt many times, I love how it fits. My girlfriend doesn’t like to touch it, though, because she doesn’t like the material. I wear it anyway! Haha More on the look, it’s just basics. I played with hues. Black and white then dashed it with gold accessories to give the look that pop! ☺