SM Seaside City Cebu

SM Seaside City Cebu will finally open later at 10 in the morning! I got the chance to attend the grand opening ceremony yesterday. Along with it was a special preview of the mall as well as the opening of our favorite stores. It’s a mall one should experience!

These photos might come in handy. Haha The mall is huge! You wouldn’t notice it until you seem to go around in a circle that never ends. You might also notice it’s size because your feet are suddenly surrendering. Anyway, there are spiral staircases colored differently which helps you navigate the place. Also take note of that wood design because those indicate the elevators! The elevators were quite fast.
This got me very excited! I’ve been waiting for one in Cebu. I mean I love the cinema but I’ve always wanted to try watching a movie at the Director’s Club! It’s equipped with big reclining seats with free servings of popcorn. It’s like your in you dream private theater. Can’t wait to try it!!! =)
The place is also jam packed with stores for your shopping experience. There are still a lot of stores that are under construction. Still, there’s a handful that are already open such as Uniqlo, H&M, Mossimo, Arrow, Espada, Sfera, and many more!!! I also have yet to discover. Haha

Favorite brands such as Memo, Regatta, and Penshoppe are also open. Penshoppe being the largest Penshoppe store in the whole Philippines!

The interiors are pretty cool as well. It definitely feels like an SM premiere mall. Most establishments that are already in Manila will finally set foot in Cebu through SM Seaside Cebu! I’m pretty excited because my favorite ice cream brand (Baskin Robins) is set to open soon. The kid in me can’t help but drool over that! Haha Anyway, I seriously do not want to spoil this one big mall. Experience it for yourself and be surprised with what this behemoth has to offer. Just prepare yourselves for some serious walking. So wear something very comfortable! Haha Trust me on that one. See you there! =)