Regatta‘s newest store in SM Seaside City Cebu also happens to be the nicest  as well. It literally feels like a home by the beach. Everything is well thought of and the interior goes very well with the clothes! It’s cohesive to what Regatta has to offer.

Speaking of home, this is also the only store in the country to have a “home”section. These products are adorable and affordable too. I actually thought that these were only display items but they had price tags on them. So yeah! You can make your home as awesome as this store! =)

The store obviously has the latest collection from Regatta. They have clothes which you will want to wear to you next adventures! Now you can go on a trip in style without sacrificing comfort. Say yes to Adventures! Visit them first at SM Seaside City Cebu before you hop on that bus, plane, or boat! Haha