Long Line

Long line shirts have been here for quite some time now. However, I was immensely hesitant to wear one simply because the ones I found were way to long for me. Haha I needed one that could transition me from wearing standard length shirt into long line shirts! Luckily I found it! Haha

This one is from Penshoppe. It’s awesome!!! I really like the fit and it really broke me into wearing long line shirts. Now I have like 4 long line shirts waiting for me to wear. Haha It’s just right, it’s long but not way too long. I think it’s because Penshoppe is a proudly Filipino brand thus their measurements are made to fit stylish Filipinos!

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Walk Shorts: Penshoppe
Shirt: Penshoppe

This was an easy combination to make. It was very risky to wear a long line shirt with walk shorts since it’s a lengthy shirt. The length was just right to bend the rules of proportion therefore it worked with this look. I seriously thought this would make me look short but I guess I was wrong. I like this look! Haha I played with lengths this time. I’ll definitely have more “length playful” looks soon! =)

By the way, you can the shirt and short at the BIGGEST Penshoppe store ever! They are at the upper ground floor of SM Seaside City Cebu. =)