This photo was taken during “Labor Day” here in the Philippines. Everyone seemed to be prepared to go out and party that day. Some even go to Boracay to take part in the famous “Laboracay” event which involves heavy partying by the beach and, sadly, trashing the wonderful island. I’ve never been to that event but I don’t have plans either. Maybe soon, I’ll try it out but I’m the chill kind of guy for now.

My friends and I went to Batayan island instead! It’s just near from us and there were three of us who have never been to the island. Yes, it was my first time! Haha. We opted for a day tour since we’re all working the next day. I will sure going back there but next time will be an overnight stay. I really want to see the sunset. I saw picture and they were amazing.
Nonetheless, I enjoyed my time there. Good beach and good friends! What more could I ask for? Okay, maybe an ice cold drink and a scoop of Baskin-robbins would have been refreshing! Haha The place wasn’t crowded which was just right for us and it wasn’t heavily developed which made it way better than those commercialized beaches.
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Shirt: Topman
Cap: H&M
Swim Shorts: Penshoppe
Sunglasses: F&F
Okay, so I titled this post “Grapes” because my girlfriend said so. Haha Well, she was kinda’ right because the color of the shirt reminded me of grapes! The color of grapes, I mean. Originally, I just wanted to wear that cap. It was a gift from my girlfriend’s brother and I haven’t worn it because I didn’t have the clothes for it, I guess. I really dug in to my closet to make it work. 
First, I stared at the cap! Haha Then I finally decided that the only way to wear it is to do color blocking with my clothes… and that is how I came up with this look! The cap is way too flashy to mix it with other prints. I just paired the whole look with black aviators. I mean, who could go wrong with black aviators? =)