Blue Horizon

My girlfriend and I recently went to Kalanggaman island and it was amazing. If you have seen photos of that island and you think it’s awesome. Well, in reality, it is! You totally have to experience it. As usual, we came in prepared with our clothes. Haha We actually have “photo shoot” as part of our activities on the island. Haha
The water was clear and the sand whiter than snow white’s skin! Okay, not that kind of white but definitely white. Haha We had lunch first before we took photos then enjoyed the rest of the day exploring the island. You may have noticed that I’m not posting any photos of the island? I’m planning to put another section on my blog and I might include Kalanggaman there. As of now, I want you guys to experience the island first hand. So I’d suggest you go there and enjoy!
These are the necessary accessories for summer. It’s heating up out there! Haha  
Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Tank top: Gap
Cap: Zara
Shorts: Topman
Sunglasses: 21Men
The word for this look is simple… BLUE! Haha I just stuck with that color and paired it with white and silver. It’s all about playing with colors or just one color in different tones. Just make sure you that it compliments you. Dressing up for summer, depending on the occasion, is actually dressing down but putting color up a notch.

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