Bank On Basics

My fellow bloggers in CFB (Cebu Fashion Bloggers) had a shoot early last month. It was all about “Bank On Basics.” A campaign for Giordano. That pun, totally intended, on their campaign tagline really makes absolute sense! Haha I myself have been investing on basics simply because these are staple items you need for a number of occasions. In this matter, we were challenged to style basic tee’s in our own preference.

For guys, it is essential to invest on basic shirts. You can layer it with a flannel, a jacket, a sweater, or pretty much anything. You can use it as an undershirt or use it at the gym. You can also wear it as is. The possibilities are almost endless! Haha

Photos by: Burtz Roilan of Blinkbox
Shirt: Giordano
I chose this color simply because I’ve never had a plain green shirt yet. There is something regal about the color but it has to be at the right tone and shade. Otherwise, it’ll look sad. Giordano really had this shade of green just right. It’s like emerald green. Just how I like it. I considered the venue of the shoot, which was at Movenpick Hotel & Resort, on how I styled my look. I gave it a laid back vibe which is the opposite of regal. Haha Anyway, I wanted to layer it but decided not to because the color was just too awesome to be covered up. To my surprise, I had a pair of shoes that exactly match the shirt! It made the whole look cohesive. Like what I said, the possibilities are almost endless. You’re definitely gonna see this shirt again in one of my posts soon. It’ll be styled differently, for sure! Haha