Paired Up

There will always be those days when you literally don’t want to go out, let alone want to dress up. On this day, I had to because I already gave my word that I will go to an event. Good thing was that it was not a formal event but rather a casual gathering. So I decided to wear something easy but still, somewhat, appropriate to the  event. Haha

The event was a media launch for a cafe/juice bar/green bar which advocates healthy living and, well of course, healthy eating. I just took note of “healthy living” and came up with a laid back yet sporty look! It was a success! as soon as I arrived at the event, one of the owners suggested that I try their smoothies intended for those who are sporty. Haha

Photos by: Marco Paulo Diala
Shirt: Dare to Dream
Shorts: Dare to Dream
This look didn’t take much thinking because it’s just blue. Okay, it does get a bit tricky when you pair up two pieces of the exact same color. However, in this case it was easy because it comes in different textures. These pieces didn’t come as a pair but they did come from the same collection. Talk about cohesion! Haha It’s seriously very convenient to mix and match clothes from Dare to Dream. Everyone thought this was a “terno” but it wasn’t. Still, everyone thought it was and I guese that’s what made this look stand out! =)