Draw String

Summer is here! Everybody is probably itching for the beach or the nearest swimming pool. I am too but I’m not going to be as wild about it like last year. This time, I’m probably just going to keep my feet on Cebuano soil. Hey, everything here is already perfect for the season. Haha

Yes, there isn’t going to be that much in store for me this summer. Sad, right? Well not really! Haha I have new friends to hang out with by the beach and on a nearby island. I’ve got loads of ootd ideas for you guys. I also have a very close friend finally coming back here in Cebu by May. Electro Beach Festival at M√∂venpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu is happening this weekend. I hope to see you guys there. If you are going, give my shoulder a tap! Haha =)

I honestly did not know what to write for this article because it was for summer. It lasted for a week! Weird right? Who doesn’t have anything to write for one of the most exciting time of the year? Well I did. Last year was a blast because I traveled a lot. This time, I barely have plans… barely have anything to be excited about. I even felt so down because of it. But then I tried to turn things around and just thought of what’s exciting around me. Boom! I found reasons to be excited about. It’s not about where you’re going but rather who you are with! =) Now, I’m ecstatic!

Photos by: Sophia Sanchez
Button up: Dare to Dream
I wore this look during the Chinese New Year celebration at a neraby hotel. I know, it’s too summery for that . But hey! I’m that guy who wears a black Barong Tagalog simply because I know everyone is going to where a white one. Haha So, I’m that guy who wears a summer inspired outfit on Chinese New Year. It is after all the year of the monkey! Mokeys like bananas and bananas are tropical fruits. Tropical means summer! Okay, I’m just making that up! You get the point. Haha
This whole look is based on the button up I’m wearing from Dare to Dream‘s SS ’16 Collection. I just pared it with blue pants and my white tasseled loafers and topped it all off with a straw hat. That hat is about 4 years old now! Wow! Just realized that! Haha Anyway, I wanted to use a white belt to match my shoes but to my surprise… I don’t own a white belt. So, I just pulled out a draw string from my bag and there you go! A belt! Haha